Youth Leadership FAQ

Is there a parent/guardian consent form to complete?
Yes, a consent form is required for all registered youth 18 years old or younger. The consent form is available when you register in both English and Spanish.

What are the age requirements?
The Youth Leadership Courses are designed for ages 13–19 years old; however, email us if you have an exception!

Do youth need to pre-register for the separate tracks?
Youth and adult advisors must register for the Key Essentials tracks, but the breakout sessions will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

How do I pre-register for the separate tracks?
You can register for the Key Essentials track when completing registration through our new platform. Each room will be color-coded to match a color on your badge, simplifying navigation and ensuring you find your way effortlessly.

Can Youth and Adult Advisors attend Key Essentials some days and the breakout tracks other days?
Unfortunately, no. The Key Essentials training is designed to span the full four days of Mid-Year. Registering for Key Essentials commits you to attending every day of the program.

Can adults attend the Youth breakout track?
This track is specifically for our Youth attendees. You may accompany a Youth attendee in your coalition but Youth attendees will be given priority in the sessions.

Are adults required to participate with the youth in youth leadership courses?
Adult advisors are required to participate with their youth if they are registered for the Key Essentials course. CADCA’s Youth Leadership model is a specialized training built on establishing healthy adult-youth partnerships and expects adults to work with youth throughout the training sessions. This is not a chaperone role, but instead a coach/mentor from the coalition who will support the implementation of strategies developed upon returning to the coalition. While adult advisors are not required to attend the breakout track with their youth, we encourage you to still attend with them!

What is the attire?
The attire is casual during training sessions. Nothing too tight, loose, short or revealing.

What to bring?
If your coalition has community data, please bring it! (for ex: youth survey data). Any props or costumes that you’d like to use for the Youth talent show.

Do the youth follow the same adult schedule?
Yes and no. While lunch times and breaks will be the same as the adult schedule, Youth will have a concurrent opening plenary on Monday, which is different than previous years! We will also still have the Youth Meet-Up N’ Chill on Monday, and the Youth Talent Show on Wednesday.